All About Us

Security Overview

We meet and discuss your needs and our shared ideas and solutions. We want to ensure we can meet your expectations and ultimately we want to give you ‘peace of mind’! There are many layers to security, everything might not be needed, we are ethical enough to suggest only what you need to create a safe environment for you.

Gate Guarding

We ONLY provide top notch solutions, security officers who are valued and paid at a living wage level. We actually pay MORE than just about all of the big multi-nationals! This results in is having motivated and professional staff who go that extra mile, each and every day.

Meet and Greet

Your clients and visitors to site will be met professionally and be treated respectfully. We will ensure their attendance is recorded and they are duly booked onto and off site when they depart. We will ensure they are chaperoned and guided onto site correctly to ensure their safety and to meet with your satisfaction.

No second chance

We know we have to make a great first impression so we will aim to be fair, firm and friendly. Lasting impressions are what will propel STAT1 into more work opportunities and environments looking for the right security solutions.

Hearts and Minds

We know through experience that if we are measured, professional and polite we will create great rapport with colleagues and locals from the community within which we have been immersed to achieve the task. Quite often this approach is reciprocated in that locals start to feed us information, local advice and recommendations.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter can be seen as everything but it isn’t is it? It is a breach-able barrier but looking at it and knowing it inside out you learn to see if it has been tampered with or even crossed. Perimeters give us grounds for determining, entering onto and the offence of trespass should it come to that.

Area Clearance Patrols

Normally at first light and last light pushing out to the nearest vegetation change, looking, listening and observing for anything out of place or character. Whilst out of the compound it would be locked if empty to prevent access whilst not present onsite. If there’s any risk the activity would not go ahead, especially if on foot. Probing out like this tends to eradicate people lurking close to the site.

Asset Protection

Is all about what the client and we see as valuable and worth protecting. It can be people, property and or premises. Some sites have materials, plant and machinery on site all of these appeal on a variable scale to different people. Occasionally It might be short term tasks looking after high value transport and resources.

Rapid Intervention and reporting

Manned guards are at the forefront of what is happening, they can react and intervene within seconds, it’s a proven fact that if we meet and speak to visitors to site and by using our customer service skills it gives them time to review their original intentions. Following on from that of anything starts to develop the security officer can photograph and or film if required. Additionally if assistance and support is required immediate calls and updates are possible. This is the reason top notch Manned Guarding costs more but it is also much more effective and gives a greater chance of maintaining site integrity, coupled with the opportunity to gather further evidence and subsequently to ensure the site is secure.